If you're interested in supporting me, there are a few methods below. I have a Patreon, on which you can get Patreon-exlusive WIPS, early access to some of my art, early access to commissions opening, brushes, textures, discounts and more all starting for just $1.

I have a Ko-fi where you can do a one-time tip or do a subscription service that offers similar benefits to Patreon.


I have a Gumroad which will slowly be filled with bases, some pay to use, but some free to use!

Lastly, similarly to Ko-fi, I also accept tips in the form of crypto. 

Please note: I am not interested in NFTs, and I do not wish for my art to become NFTs. I was interested in crypto before them, and prefer to stick with crypto.

If you'd like to send a coin I don't have listed, feel free to reach out to me via the contact's page.

All tips help me produce content by allowing me to work less overtime at my full-time job, and are greatly appreciated.

Thank you. 

Bitcoin: bc1qplhzuhln5crwqfzyhqf9w7xzvky8jkmtk5ak3e

Ethereum: 0xC8CB0458d59A63BFB2EeC0793Ab7dCC68d1A1ebC 

Litecoin: ltc1q055779f9tx34c5576jkpsp50e9almjtwnggev2