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How Long Will My Commission Take?

What Will You Draw?

Specific details can be discussed in a message, but artistic nudity as well as some blood is fine. I prefer not to draw any extreme NSFW or gore.

Will You Do Edits If I Want Something Changed?

After the initial discussion for the piece occurs, you will receive a sketch for approval. Up to two edit requests, that do not require a pose change, are allowed at the sketch stage. Once the sketch is accepted, edits will be made upon the discretion of Zenith past that. 
- 2 minor edits at the sketch stage
- 1-2 minor edits at the ink stage
- 1-2 minor edits at the flat color stage
- 1 minor edit at the finished stage

If you want something changed it must be requested at the sketch stage. Please do not approve the sketch if you still aren't sure it is what you want, we can discuss any concerns and get the sketch just how you would like it.

Will You Make Multiple Versions Of A Piece?

If requested, up to three minor versions of a piece can be provided. Color, accessory, and other minor changes are acceptable. A major pose change will have to be considered as separate commission usually, but minor changes such as an arm or leg or wing/tail position are not.

Currently, wait times can be up to two months, though usually less than that, depending on the current queue of work. If you need something done quicker, please communicate that to when initially discussing the commission.

If requested, you can be sent progress updates about the status of your piece, within reason. If you are unreasonable in your requests to rush the commission, or in your request for status updates, your commission may be canceled and any paid money refunded.

If I take more than 2 months to do a commission, a refund will be offered.

Will You Give Progress Updates?

You will always be shown a sketch for approval before I move on and have the chance to request changes and edits there. I typically do offer regular updates at the ink stag and the flat color stage. If you wish for regular updates as the commission is completed please ask for them, but please read my FAQ question about edits and when they are allowed.

What If I Need A Commission Immediately?

Commissions are generally done in the order they are received. If you need your piece done urgently then please communicate that when requesting the commission. Urgent orders may not be accepted, and if they are then you may be charged a rush fee of $10 for each place in the queue you must skip. These pieces will be done within a week of invoice payment. If there is nothing in the queue but you still need the commission within a week, there will be a single flat fee of $10.

The fee increases to $20 if you need it within 24-48 hours. 

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

Preferred and acceptable payment is through PayPal. You will be sent an invoice and that is how you'll pay. You MUST convert your currency to USD.


For example, if you are in Canada, you cannot send $20 CAD, please send $20 USD.

Do You Allow Payment Plans?

Payment plans are available for commissions no less than $40. A 5% fee is charged on top of the commission cost. Each payment must be at least $10.

The work will be completed as payments are made in relation to the payments. The final piece will be received upon payment in full.

Are Your Prices Negotiable?

Prices given are not negotiable. Sales or promotions may change them, but any attempt to 'haggle' will not be accepted. 

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